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Building a modern data platform and appropriately treating data as a strategic asset can help you make data-driven decisions quickly to deliver better business outcomes.

Modernizing data ecosystems for more meaningful insights

The future of the enterprise is data-centric, focusing on outcomes and organizing around those outcomes. But having a data-centric organization is not enough. There is a paramount need for data literacy and data governance to drive success. Companies need actionable insights from the data to generate actual business value, like increased efficiency or better customer engagement.

Our Data and 分析 team provides industry-leading consulting services that utilize proven technologies to modernize data and analytics ecosystems designed to meet current and future demands of business.

Data & 分析解决方案

We will evaluate your data and analytics ecosystem and provide recommendations to help enable your organization to meet its current and future business demands.

An outdated data warehouse can stunt digital transformation. Make data-driven decisions, increase data access, and unleash insights with a modern data platform.


As a leader of metadata-driven and multi-thread data integration, orchestration and dynamic script-based replication, we make integration and warehousing less labor intense.

连续的情报 & 增强 分析

我们可以提供引人注目的, 多维度用户的见解, democratized experiences and analytics using natural language processing, 人工智能, 机器学习等等.

Our healthcare analytics solutions are here to help you improve patient care, 结果分析, 运营效率, 库存管理, 任命指标和更多.


我们帮助降低复杂性 around managing the daily operations, maintenance, administration and support for on-premise and cloud-based big data and analytics solutions including IBM, Informatica, 甲骨文和Snowflake解决方案. 

As a Platinum level strategic partner of 甲骨文, we provide world-class architectural and implementation services focused on 甲骨文 infrastructure, 软件和云技术.

Data is one of your most valuable assets. Ensure your data is available, usable and secure by implementing a data governance program. We can help with our 数据治理 Workshop.


We can help you understand new data privacy laws, ensure that you meet compliance regulations, and protect your database against cybercriminals seeking to exploit your data.

Data & 分析合作伙伴

Our clients’ challenges frequently require solutions from more than one manufacturer, so we partner with strategic vendors whose technologies will help make them more successful. Today our data partners comprise of technology innovators with strong market presence and long-term, 可持续的商业力量, 包括(但不限于):

Let us help you uncover data insights

We can help you deliver a relevant and personalized data experience, improve the quality of your data, ensure your data is stored securely, and optimize your analytics applications, databases and data pipelines for agility and results.


Building a Best of Breed Data Platform

Don’t let your data warehouse slow you down. Build a modern data platform that can handle today’s data proliferation and quickly adapt to the needs of tomorrow.

Benefits of a modern data platform:

  • On the cloud: Offers unlimited capacity
  • Scalable: Allows you to easily scale up and down so you only pay for what you use
  • Data democratization: Enables access to data without bottlenecks
  • Advanced analytics: Get deeper insights and predicted outcomes

Watch our on-demand webinar “Building a Best of Breed Data Platform” to learn how to create a modern data platform with Snowflake, ThoughtSpot, Matillion and Amazon Web 服务.



Learn how migrating your Microsoft Windows SQL Server database to the cloud can save your company money and optimize user experience.

Say goodbye to complex data architecture, slow performance and outdated technology. Learn what makes up a modern data platform that meets the needs of today.

Improve the quality of your data, reduce regulatory risks and make better business decisions by implementing a data governance program.